MaTerre - Marketing pour l'Emploi
Paese: Tunisia
Periodo: 2015
Cliente: CEFA onlus
SUPHORT – Supporting Horticultural Sector Development
Paese: Etiopia
Periodo: 2014-15
Cliente: CIHEAM Bari
Emergency Initiative for Vulnerable Populations in Herat and Neighbouring Areas
Paese: Afghanistan
Periodo: 2014
Cliente: Intersos NGO
ZIACD – Zambezi Integrated Agro-Commercial Development
Paese: Botswana
Periodo: 2014-15
SWLRI - Strategy for Water and Land Resources: Irrigation network mapping
Paese: Iraq
Periodo: 2013-14
Amazonia Sin Fuego
Paese: Bolivia
Periodo: 2013
Cliente: ICU
SWLRI - Strategy for Water and Land Resources: Land Cover maps quality assessment
Paese: Iraq
Periodo: 2012-13
Governance and institutional Capacity Building Training
Paese: Somaliland
Periodo: 2012-13
Creation of a Regional Network of Andean Maternal-Perinatal Health Centers
Paese: Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru
Periodo: 2012
Cliente: CESTAS Onlus
Agro Ecological Zoning and Land Suitability
Paese: Iraq
Periodo: 2012
Banhine National Park: Carbon Credits and Sustainable Tourism
Paese: Mozambico
Periodo: 2012
Drought Monitoring with Remote Sensing Data in Montenegro
Paese: Montenegro
Periodo: 2012
Cliente: ZHMS