Mountain Partnership Declaration

Gismap, as member in association with gvSIG of Mountain Partnership, promotes the signature of the “Declaration on mountains at UNFCCC COP21″, aimed to focus delegates’ attention on the severe impact of climate change on mountains areas and mountain peoples and to have mountains adequately included in the negotiations.

Two actions are proposed:

1) An International Petition on Mountain ecosystems and peoples affected by climate change – to be signed by individuals and aimed at mobilizing peoples from all over the world in support of mountain peoples and ecosystems. The petition, if at least 5000 signatures will be obtained, will be presented to the COP21 delegates by the Italian Delegation. To sign the appeal please click here. Deadline: 29 November 2015

2) An International Declaration on Mountains and Climate Change – to be signed by organizations and supported by governments. This initiative is led by UIAA – the International   Climbing and Mountaineering Federation. To sign this Declaration send your agreement by email to  under the name of the head of the organization, including her/his signature and logo. If you represent a Government, the support can be expressed in the negotiations rounds. Deadline: ideally 1 October 2015 to use the Declaration at the October sessions of the negotiations.

For more information, please visit the Mountain Partnership website.