Company profile

Created in 2011, Gismap carries out assignments in international development cooperation projects in Africa, Middle East and Latin America being involved in projects funded by international organizations, NGOs, foundations and private companies in 20 different countries to project planning and implementation according to “UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs

Emphasis is placed on data quality, to have, in output, high degree of accuracy, consistency coherence with the context, topicality, completeness and credibility, traceability.

Future challenges for food security and environment safeguarding require actions based on new, high impact technologies. These will be crucial to sustainably raise agricultural yields as well as the increase the resilience capacity and adaptation of farming systems to climate changes.

Gismap uses spatial analysis tools, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing (RS)e DBMS for data analysis and storage.

To ensure technical, economic, and capacity-building sustainability, geographic information is implemented in the Open Source environment