Geomatics for Environment and Sustainable Development


Geomatics for Environment and Sustainable Development


Geomatics for Environment
and Sustainable Development

Gismap is engaged to creation and improving the quality of geographic information in the context of ICT4D, Geographic Information System, Database Management System and Remote Sensing, in the sectors of agriculture, natural resources and environmental emergencies. ICT4D stands for Information and Communication Technology for Development, generally associated with projects in developing countries, refers to the use of Open Source information and communication technologies , the use of standard applications, new tools of data collection, analysis and communication. These technologies can be combined with traditional tools, to search a synergy that lead the achievement of objectives such as reducing costs, (financial and social sustainability), the development of local capacities and involvement of local institutions, the reliability of the data collected and its coherence with the context, and their publication for free sharing. In developing countries, where geographic information and data may be absent or difficult to find, the ICT4D becomes a key factor for potential reduction gap between the real conditions of natural resources and its knowledge.

Sector of activities


Natural Resources & Agriculture

GISMAP has developed a strong  experience in the assessment of natural resources, resulting in the build-up of an original tool aimed to apply General Land Evaluation methodological framework.


Territorial Planning & Governance

The present increasing trend in extreme meteorological events related to climate change, natural disasters in PVS represent a growing challenge to the already fragile farming systems of large agricultural areas.



GISMAP organizes regular courses on GIS and Remote Sensing applications mainly in the environmental sector, as well as training and capacity building activities in the frame of international projects.

About us


Company profile

Created in 2011, Gismap has been working in international development cooperation projects in Africa, Middle East and Latin America; being involved in projects funded by international organizations, NGOs and private companies in ten different countries.



Gismap setup a “bridge of knowledge”, supported by Open Source ICT4D, between available resources in Agricultural and Environmental sectors and their sustainable use for the needs of development of poorest peoples according to local institutions and the SDGs for 2030



Our staff consists of Agronomists and Foresters having a wide experience in projects of international cooperation for development in Africa, Asia, and Latin America – both with international bodies or private donors – using GIS and Remote Sensing tools and DBMS mainly Open Source.